Operational Excellence focuses on the core of dealership operational performance that has the greatest impact on maximizing profitability. The three p’s of profitability are people, process and profitability.

We start with understanding your culture by reviewing how you hire and onboard and check the temperature of your team through an employee engagement survey. You will get a transparent view of the current state of your most important asset, your people.

Once the culture of your team is discovered we take a deep dive into their efficiencies and productivity. We feel most people know what to do, they just don’t do what they know. Our accountability map paints a clear picture of expectations, steps to follow and who is accountable for them.
Process 2.0 takes your leaders through a lte version of Lean Six Sigma helping them understand process efficiencies and how to implement them into your daily dealership operations.

Finally once your culture is clear, your processes are mapped & efficiencies are maximized we review your product offerings. How and why you build your inventory through our build optimization tool, the how and the why of your marketing strategies based on analytics and the market share analysis of your backyard.