OPG Spend Advisory is the only fully comprehensive solution to strengthen dealerships overall operational performance and processes. To us, Spend Advisory is the single most effective way to significantly improve your dealerships bottom line.

What is Spend Advisory?

Dealerships, even multi-dealer groups, simply aren’t large enough to leverage purchasing power the way OPG can through our national contracts where we plug you into the larger fund comprised of dealers throughout the country partnered in OPG Advisory Services. OPG and in turn our dealer partners have the buying power and scale to access measurable savings, fewer points of contact to reduce errors & save time for your CFO/Controller and Management involved in any of your 100+ purchasing categories that are required to run your dealership operations.

When you engage in OPG’s Spend Advisory our team reviews 100+ spend categories that your dealership(s) incur monthly, comparing to our national pricing as well as analyze your purchasing processes and efficiencies with the net result of immediately reducing expenses throughout your business operations. In 2018, the average dealership savings on indirect expenses was 25%. Time is money. In addition to the significant savings we implement, OPG’s Spend Advisory results in transparent pricing, fewer vendors and let’s your team concentrate on what they do best, running your business. Plus our dealer partners love it. We consider ourselves to be support to our key contacts at your dealership. We simplify their daily task load by interacting with many vendors, on their behalf, to free their time up to manage an already diverse and very difficult business.

What is THE Performance Report?

Once your Spend Advisory plan is initiated, THE Performance Report will give you and your team comprehensive visibility into the money your dealership is spending on everything from parts to paper towels. The analytics of THE Performance Report gives you visibility into category-specific spending & trends and saves time of your office staff to attempt to manually account for your detailed expenses the 100+ spend categories.

It identifies trends in spending and overspending by categories as well as any new opportunities for Spend Advisory reduction. With this transparent report, we can continually improve together your purchasing practices and sustain cost savings for years to come. This also gives you better visibility into your operations, reduces the chance of overcharges or errors and increases your team’s awareness to efficiency. All supporting the improvement of your bottom line and the protection & maximization of your capital.

With Team OPG handling your procurement operations, you’ll no longer have to devote valuable resources to constant price-checking & comparison shopping through our national benchmarking you will see how your performing with quarterly reviews of THE Performance Report & supplier audits conducted by our team to keep your suppliers and vendors in check.